52 Weeks of Clara's Life

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1. A Part Of Me – Week 5

I don’t know if I’m just starting to feel my age but I decided it’s time to find where I was born.  We were on summer vacation travelling from Branson to Colorado so we decided to drive into Colony, Kansas to see if we could find the clinic where I was born.  Just 20 miles before arriving there I called my Dad to get some clues on how to find it.  First of all, I was living in Garnett, KA at the time of my birth and had forgotten that I was actually born in Colony, so I was glad I called him first!  🙂

As we pulled into the little ghost town of Colony, Ka, there was no traffic and I was just partially parked in front the the vacant storefronts.  Two men in an old pickup truck stopped and hollered out, “Are you lost?”  I said, “No, I’m not lost, I’m just trying to find the clinic where I was born.”  He replied, “It’s there, right behind you!”  Sure enough, there it was.  The birthing center where I was born, complete with the Doctor’s name on the building.  It felt good just to stand there and soak it in.

Then we drove on down the road about 15 miles to where I lived as a baby.  Garnett was a little more bustling and I could see myself living there.  I had only lived there a year and I couldn’t figure out which house it was but I found out later the house was just across the street from the lake picture I have posted here.